Тест на уровень знания Английского

Привет, друг! Это, конечно, блог о путешествиях. Но этот тест попал сюда не зря.

В первую очередь, он направлен на то, чтобы помочь моим читателям узнать свой исходный уровень английского, прежде чем продолжить изучение английского самостоятельно при помощи бесплатных, доступных в Интернете и жизни каждому материалов. Вот эта статья о том, как выучить английский самому >>>

Но и если вы попали на эту страницу случайно, из поиска — то ничего страшного! Проходите тест на здоровье. Надеюсь, он поможет многим людям в Интернете.

Внимание! Друзья, мы не на экзамене и не в школе. Я понимаю, что можно «загуглить» ответ. Но так не интересно. Если вы хотите узнать реальные результаты — отвечайте честно, без подсматриваний. Тогда и результат будет более правильный.

1. Where … now?
2. If I were you, …this dress.
3. The school … last year.
4. Dinner will be ready for you when you … home.
5. His car is rather dirty. He …. it before he took us for a ride.
6. His English is very good. He speaks Italian …, too.
7. He doesn’t have time to tile his bathroom himself, so he ….
8. The woman … came yesterday is very rich.
9. “Why not go to Madame Tussauds?” “I … there yesterday”
10. You … work hard to pass the examination.
11. The streets are wet. It … raining.
12. I’d rather you … later. I’m all tied up.
13. Look at that cloud. It … rain.
14. I wish I … a lot of money.
15. Sorry, I … understand.
16. What about … to the movies tonight?
17. “Where isTrafalgar Square?” She asked me where … .
18. “Please be patient.” He told me … .
19. Tom is good at football but John is … .
20. I’m Russian. … English?
21. When I was a child I … a lot of chocolate.
22. Mary enjoys … in Dublin.
23. I think you’d better … to the doctor.
24. That isn’t your umbrella. It’s ….
25. “…Gone with the Wind?” “Yes, I saw it on Saturday.”
26. I speak Italian. She … Japanese.
27. I like her. She makes me …
28. If you … there again, what would you do?
29. Annabel will come to tea if you … her.
30. “What …?” “I’m a student.”
31. ” … I have a table for two please?” “Sure.”
32. “Where … at the weekend?” “I was in the country.”
33. This is a notebook. Those … notebooks.
34. No, I don’t want … carrots.
35. Freddy … with a girl when I saw him.
36. If you … gone to the party you would have seen her.
37. Would you mind … me a pencil, please?
38. Mary… since she left school.
39. I … to Spain.
40. My cousin … for my birthday.
41. Don’t go out. It … rain.
42. “I’m a shop assistant.” She told me that … a shop assistant.
43. Jane… the tickets.
44. They … so much they could hardly move.
45. “Can I phone you at 7.00?” “No, it’s too early. I … .”
46. “Where … you yesterday?” “I didn’t go anywhere.”
47. George is French. … a French boy.
48. I … here for 7 days in June.
49. “Have you washed the dishes?” Mum asked me … .
50. I am not as fast as you. You are … than I am.